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Product & Pricing



Minis can capture smaller symbols or logos at a price that can meet any budget.
Prices average $15-$35

Super Premium

Cut by hand and shaped using a rotary tool, these items are among our most detailed and realistic. Made from 1/2 inch material or a variety of thicknesses these pieces are worthy of our highest level.
Pricing starting at $200


These larger pieces feature some of our highest level of detail while continuing to be made from our low profile material.
Pricing starting at $250

Placeholder Image


Adding the logo from your favorite movie, show, game, or team to your wall can complete any living space or collection.
Pricing starting at $60

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A budget friendly way to feature your favorite character, character heads can be created in a variety of styles.
Pricing starts at $60

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Full Characters

One of the best ways to show your love and support for your fandom is to purchase a full sized character. this option is great for Chibi, Funko, Cartoon, or comic strip characters.
Pricing starting at $85

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